I've been lucky enough to meet a number of people and among them was the guy who would become "The Crow", Brandon Lee.


I was doing the morning show in Austin around 88-89 when we were asked if we wanted to interview Bruce Lee's son. At this time, that's all Brandon Lee was, Bruce Lee's son. He had made a few low budget movies and stared in a t.v. movie based on the Kung Fu series. The long and short of it was, we didn't have much to talk to the guy about, but we'd talk to anyone with any connection to celebrity at all.

He was a great interview and had some great memories of his dad (who died when Brandon was 8 years old). I kind of tucked that memory in my back pocket and moved on to do mornings in Spokane, Washington. After a relatively short time in Spokane, I was offered a chance to come back to Lubbock to be near family. I just had to accept. Here's where things, get weird. Shortly, and I mean within a few months of arriving in Lubbock we were asked by a movie company if we wanted to do a movie premiere of an action movie starring Bruce Lee's son.  That movie was Rapid Fire, which was considered Brandon's breakout role, which is to say, the movie got him the attention to land the role of The Crow. Interestingly enough, FMX also had the movie premiere of The Crow (and later the second Crow movie). The original Crow movie is celebrating it's 24th anniversary this year.

Brandon Lee died on the set of The Crow after a prop gun was used too close to his head. Brandon was a bright shining light that we lost way too soon (he died at age 28).

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