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Ricchezza's Philly Cheesesteaks is celebrating their Grand Opening at their new brick-and-mortar location at 5707 4th Street. The spot is the former location of Pita Pit, which recently closed.

Ricchezza's opened Tuesday, November 3rd at 11:30 a.m. Here's hoping opening on election day is lucky for them.

I first tried Ricchezza's from their very popular food truck, and it was delicious with very generous portions for the cost. I was impressed. And although I've never been east of Arkansas, I trust it's authentic to Philly:

As Philadelphia natives, we offer an authentic taste of Philly. Try us out! Proud to be serving West Texas.

In addition to their traditional Philly Cheesesteak, Ricchezza's offers meatball subs and pulled pork subs with an option of veggies. There is also a veggie sandwich and a keto plate for folks on different diets. And for dessert, you can pick up a crunchy and creamy cannoli.

I'm always a huge advocate of supporting small, local businesses. But this year especially, we need to support the dreams and hard work of our neighbors. Remember, when you spend with a local, your money is much, much more likely to come back to you. Local business owners hire local plumbers, local dance and sports instructors for their kids, etc.

Small businesses are called the backbone of local economies for a reason, and that reason is that they truly keep local economies standing. And local food is almost always much tastier than previously frozen food that got dunked into a commercial fryer or nuked in a commercial microwave.

Best of luck to Ricchezza's.

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