Can you still believe that in 2014 there are backward-ass folks who think that "the devil" is using music to corrupt your kids? When I hear this I immediately think of those old black and white photos "proving" it, by showing "mixed race" audiences. Seriously, grow the "F" up.

I received this in my email the other day. I edited it to protect the identities, but for those of you who think "religion does no harm", have a peek:

Hi Wes. This is **** ******. I just read your article and this actually hit home with me and I wanted to share a story with you. Two days after you posted that, my daughter******, was accused of being a devil worshiper.

I know this email is long, I'm sorry, I don't mean to take up much of your time.

It started when her and who she considers to be her best friend, exchanged band names and songs. For me that's not a problem, friends know each others interests. Well ***** told her she likes Asking Alexandria ... so the girl goes home and researches them and listened to some of their songs, she tells ***** that she likes them.

Well this girls step-mom finds out about this and pulls up the song Don't Pray for Me and makes the girl read the lyrics out loud to her. She obviously flipped out and told her to stay away from ***** and goes up to the school and changes her entire schedule so they have no classes together.

This maniac has the nerve to call me and tell me what she did and why. She said that she was disturbed by this band and their music. Started saying they worship the devil and ***** needs help and needs to stay away from her girls. Went on yelling and all that sh!t.

So the new school week starts and ***** gets harassed by her friend's twin sister and her mob. She yelled at her during class and said that she put the devil in her sister and now they have to deal with her. Yelled out that she had the devil in her and she worshipped the devil and her whole family did too. Embarrassed my daughter and made her so sad. She called me immediately and needless to say I was at the school in 2 minutes. Asking Alexandria and the devil were the least of their worries.

***** is in the 6th grade and 11 years old. She makes straight As in school. She is one of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet. She loves to draw and be creative, and hopes to be a tattoo artist one day. She loves her rock and roll. She comes by this honestly, music is a way of life around here.

She was judged, embarrassed and put down for her likes and beliefs Christians.

I share the same beliefs as you. I was also "saved" twice and baptized at the age of 20. ***** (Her Husband)  and I have raised ****** and ***** to be good kids. They are very polite, kind, caring and respectful. I have never made them believe in any kind of religion,  I feel like when they are old enough they can check it out on their own and make their own decision.

These last two weeks have been a little upsetting for her. We are going to take ******(the son)  to the Spring Breakdown. *****(The Daughter) was upset when she found out Asking Alexandria was coming back. They are one of her favorites, and after all this bullsh!t, I think we're going to make this family affair and take her too. I'm going to surprise her Saturday. It will be her first rock show.

This story really hits home with me. When my daughter was little we bought her a necklace with a dreamcatcher on it (my wife/her mom is a registered Choctaw).  We thought it was a wistful bit of Native American Heritage. IMMEDIATELY one of her friends' mom's friends freaked out, called it "satanic" and traumatized my daughter. I regret not having slapped the sh!t out of that woman to this day (being a gentleman, I don't hit women, but this one deserved it).

So my friends, I have to tell you that it's very hard to respect someone's beliefs when they use them to put down 11-year-old girls. I hope if you are religious that you will remember that that is your personal decision and it has no place in the lives of others, unless they too have made that choice. Or, as my atheist friends say:  Having a religion is like having a penis, It's fine to have one and it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around.


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