Alex Gordon smashed a monster home run in the ninth on Tuesday night to keep the Kansas City chances at Kauffman alive, and then later on in the 14th, the Royals claimed game one of the World Series.

Things started off in a wacky way when Alcides Escobar flew around the bases and thanks to a misread by the New York Mets' outfielders, ended up scoring an inside-the-park home run on the first pitch of the final frame of the first inning.

The Mets would end up answering in the fourth, fifth, and sixth inning, including a Curtis Granderson homer of 375 feet in the fifth. Then, the Royals answered with a two-run rally of their own in the sixth off a Hosmer sac fly and a Moustakas RBI single.

The Mets scored again in the eighth thanks to a Hosmer error, then as aforementioned, Alex Gordon was the ninth inning equalizer.

Hosmer then hit another sac fly in the 14th inning to seal it and walk the Royals off game one winners.

Game two will take place in Kansas City on Wednesday night.

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