A very unique Lubbock business is set to close by the end of June, according to social media posts. Wild Lark Books (513 Broadway Street), an independent book that focused particularly on local authors, will have its last open day on July 1st. There is currently an inventory reduction sale of 30% off until June 10th.

In spite of the closure, founder and curator Brianne van Reenen wanted the public to know that her journey with Wild Lark Books was a success in her eyes:

Most importantly, I want everyone to know that the bookshop has not been a failure – it is not closing because it cannot sustain itself. In fact, for a business of only 18 months, it’s quite incredible that it’s profitable. And that is all thanks to our amazing Readers! The story-loving community in Lubbock is STRONG and only getting stronger.
She went on to state that she simply could not sustain the financial strain that persists from the opening of the store.  Those costs can be absolutely monumental, so that's very understandable. However, in spite of this declaration, it appears that Wild Lark will have an epilogue after all.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

First, the online bookstore will remain operational, and second, and perhaps most importantly for local authors- the publishing aspect of the business will remain intact. However, could there also be a sequel for the physical store?

Possibly. Wild Lark stated a willingness to sell the business turn-key, so if there's anyone out there who wants to live out their dream of owning a bookstore, there's one available in a beautiful downtown location.

As a reader and a writer (of sorts), I am remiss at this loss for our community. However, I also understand the melancholy beauty of allowing the physical bookstore to sublimate into a cherished memory, instead of allowing it to become a burden to the founder. There is something quite courageous in knowing when to quit, and I wish van Reenen tremendous success as she writes her next chapter.

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