When I heard the phrase "Sanctuary City" I imagined a place where illegal aliens could hide out. I imagine that's what most people think.

Immigration rally
Photo: Win McNamee, Getty Images

Sanctuary City is just one of those dumb labels put out there to frighten you. Even Wikipedia takes the definition a little more literally than it is in real life.  Let's get down to real business.

The U.S. Government wants cities and counties to work closer with and/or enforce immigration policies. Some cities don't want to do that. Some don't want to add to already full jails, over-worked police forces and some just don't want to get involved in a fight they don't think is theirs.

Basically, Sanctuary Cities are a problem we don't really have. There is no giant enclave of illegals chilling from immigration. We have a smattering of folks here and there just like any other part of the country. These folks tend to NOT gather in one place for any reason that isn't economic.

Governor Greg Abbott has threatened Austin with a loss of funds and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also threatening to pull funds from cities that don't fall in line. The City Of Austin has mostly said something to the effect of "this is political nonsense, we're in compliance and who cares".  I'm going to go with Austin on this.

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