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There's a lot at stake right now in Lubbock.

All indications are that if we don't get enough people to wear a mask and cut down COVID-19 transmission rates, there will be another shutdown and/or local hospitals will be overloaded.

There are far too many businesses that are on the bubble right now. They are barely getting by and only doing a fraction of the business that they were doing before the coronavirus pandemic. They have had to innovate, add layers of sanitation, and do additional training of their employees. They've put a lot on the line to keep going, and we can be the heroes in their story.

Trust me, if we have to shut down again, it won't be for a little bit. A lesson has been learned and it's been a very tough one. The first shutdown helped slow things while we prepared, but it wasn't enough for the coronavirus to move past the Hub City. Our transmission numbers went WAY up, to the point where Lubbock has the infection rate of small countries (you can go look that up because we are not doing well).

Do you want to be a good citizen? Well, chief on that checklist is looking out for other citizens.

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