Every year, the stories circle around about "the scariest haunted house in the world," and it has little to nothing to do with haunted houses.

Every year, every haunted house owner has to hear about McKamey Manor. People who don't know about the business assume that the place is some sort of pinnacle of scariness for haunted houses. They think the disclaimer or potential payout if you "survive" makes it the ultimate place to go, but we are as different as night and day.

Go ahead and watch "Haunters-The Art Of The Scare." They too fell victim to the hype surrounding McKamey Manor. Trust me when I tell you that people in the Haunted House business hate McKamey Manor and want nothing to do with them.

You might think this is "sour grapes" by being classified somehow as "less scary" that McKamey Manor, but it's really not.

McKamey Manor could stand on its own as an "extreme experience" or, as their own Wikipedia Page calls it, a "torture house attraction." People attempting a run at McKamey Manor are supposedly subjected to physical and mental abuse/torture and things of that nature. It really has nothing to do with Haunted Houses.

So while this might seem like fun for some to attempt, call it what it is and don't lump it in with those of us trying to get good-natured scares. We want to send people home smiling, not with bruises and trauma.

Once again, this is not to trash McKamey Manor; the very fact that they only accept donations of dog food for the admission fee makes them pretty okay in my book. However, don't look for your local haunted house to fake waterboard you to be seen as "just as scary."

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