I remember being a little sad in 2001 when the Taliban blew up ancient Budda statues in Afghanistan. Looking back we now know that was just the beginning of a huge mess based in religious fanaticism. Now a religious leader in Egypt is calling for the destruction of the Pyramids, the Sphinx and other landmarks of great historical and cultural importance.


I have a deep hatred of religious fanaticism. The people believe they can do whatever horrible thing they want to do as long as they say "god' told them to.  Let's not forget right here in Lubbock, fanatics took a sledgehammer to the "Windy Man" icon on the Interstate.

I know you probably don't come to this website for world view and news, this just seemed like an important moment that we should acknowledge. I can't even testify to the date or time this interaction on a talk show took place, but I think it's pretty important that we recognize that there are people like this in world who would destroy everything in the name of religion.

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