Amarillo has a problem, and that problem is "The Polk Street Wanker".

***Careful, this is just as naughty as you think it might be***

Apparently, there is a man who has a VERY specific "thing".  Apparently, residents say his "thing" is to drive down Polk Street in Amarillo with his sunroof open while aggressively playing with his wiener (and by playing, I mean beating it like it owes him money). The problem with this is, there are people on the upper floors of the area that can see him telling his baloney pony to "giddyup".

We usually skip over potential stories like this when there is some mental illness involved, but this seems to be more of a "kink". So is this "kink-shaming"? No dawg, you can pound your pressed ham in private all you want, but when you involve other people in it, you earned a trip to Naughtyville U.S.A.  Plus, the suspected sausage slammer is driving around in a really nice Ford Raptor truck, so he's most likely mentally sound enough to afford that.

The video caught is so explicit that I can only link to it here. You are going to catch a little naked side crotch in this video (he's not actively spanking the plank in it). It's still more than enough to make you say, "whoa..." or as the person in the video says, "oh my gawd dude, it's all out".  I'm just wondering if he cleans those seats after cruising around bare-assed all afternoon.

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