Back in 2014, Texas Tech reintroduced the flat Double T on an Under Armour Jersey for the first time against Arkansas in Lubbock. The uniform was a Zach Thomas Era black helmet and uniform over gray pants. The look was a rousing hit, even though the game was a blowout in favor of the old Southwest Conference foe.

The year after, Texas Tech took their throwbacks to Arkansas and this time they got a win. The Red Raiders wore those same throwbacks against Texas later in the season for a second win in the look. They shelved that particular uniform until this season when they went to Stillwater, Oklahoma to play Oklahoma State. The Red Raiders didn't win, but they looked incredible in the black-white-black throwback look.

Texas Tech has used this flat Double T for uses all over the athletic department including throwback looks in Baseball, Basketball, and Football along with a lot of merchandise.

In response to the grassroots movement to go back to the Flat Double T, a Twitter user named Cason has set up a website to help 'Level The Bevel.' There's another Twitter user that's sole purpose is to spread the good news of TheFlatDoubleT.


Since 1926, different iterations of the nationally-recognized Double T have been the symbol of the university. For most of its life the Double T was a flat design that saw few changes. However, in 2000 the university adopted a beveled Double T as its new symbol, which was met with a general level of approval by students, alumni, and fans. The beveled version remains the official logo to this day.


The beveled Double T has served the modern era of Texas Tech well, but with the popularity of “throwback” uniforms and helmets featuring the old flat Double T in recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in returning to a flat version. Young and old Tech fans alike can be seen wearing clothing, hats, and gear featuring the flat Double T, and its popularity is growing.

How is the popularity growing?

In 2020, Uniswag had a poll where they asked Texas Tech fans to vote on their favorite uniforms and three of the four featured the flat Double T.

The Throwback used against TCU in 2021 was named the second-best throwback used all season long.

Back in 2020, Texas Tech University's own Athletic Department had a bracket that featured all of their logos and let the people vote on which one was the best. The Flat Double T beat the beveled Double T in the finals.

Then, the official Football account had a bracket that featured some of the best football uniforms. Three of the final four were throwback uniforms and a throwback look beat Michael Crabtree's all-black uniform in the finals.

If the Athletic Department does go back to the Flat Double T full time, that doesn't mean that they can't sell beveled Double T merchandise and feature the beveled Double T on a throwback now and again. The BJ Symons Era black-red-black or Kliff Kingsbury all-blacks with the bassboat helmet could be used for a game or two a year. The Danny Amendola black-red-red could also be great as a throwback.

The real point of the matter is that the throwback uniforms that Under Armour is currently producing for the football and basketball teams far outclass what the company is producing for the current look.

I could be talked into a scenario where we meet in the middle and feature the beveled Double T on the uniforms shown above, but to me, the full-time move to the Flat Double T is the move.

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