Let's start with question one, which we'll also refer to from time to time: when was the last time you had some Skittles?

I was trying to answer this question for myself, and I think it's been a couple of years since I've tasted the rainbow. So, if you've answered anything over 'it's been a minute,' then ignore the controversy; it has nothing to do with you. Now, let's move on.

In honor of Pride Month, Skittles revisited a promotion where they drop the colors from their bags and products because "only one rainbow matters during Pride Month." It's pretty darn clever marketing worth millions and millions of dollars in free advertising and word of mouth. It's also a subtle jab at products that adopt rainbows and a Pride stance in shallow attempts to appeal to the LGBTQ+ community.

So now we have what I like to call the Ski-diots (Skittles+Idiots) who want to make a big stink about this and "never eat Skittles again". Okay, don't. Just don't.

You can be guaranteed that the people at Skittles weighed how much advertising they'd gain, how much product they'd sell, and how many people they'd trigger with this move. Now, let's get back to question number one: when was the last time you had some Skittles? If it's been a minute, then your opinion really doesn't matter anyway.

Let's also not forget that this is "The Pride Pack" that benefits GLADD (with a hefty $1 per bag donation). There will no doubt be tons of regular bags of all sizes around if the idea of white Skittles doesn't appeal to you.

As far as the triggered people go, anyone who spends one minute worrying about this is a moron. The anger they have in someone else being normalized is the fuel that will help these sell.

Oh, and by the way...all Skittles taste the same. The colors have a slight fragrance on them, but there is no difference in the chemical/food composition of the different looking ones.

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