So I received a message a while back...

The good folks with Q-Prime management contacted me a while back and asked me what the most iconic image in Lubbock was. I thought they were just going to film it on Metallica's way into town (as they've done before). Instead, that image ended up on custom guitar pics.

The Buddy Holly statue (1824 Crickets Ave) was the first thing that popped into mind, and they went with it. Now that I know what their intentions were, it's interesting to consider if I made the correct choice.


I guess if for some reason a picture of Buddy Holly wasn't available, a picture of Jones AT&T Stadium might work, but then again, stadiums look a lot alike -- especially in pictures that small. We could've gone with a picture of a prairie dog, which would have been hilarious. But as fun as that is, the city doesn't promote that image as much as it could.

The Lubbock skyline is not that memorable. I think a windmill might have worked, but once again, that seems a tad bit generic. I love what Metallica did with that Double T logo on their Instagram page, but then you have to deal with licensing issues. I could have suggested 94.5 FMX's own Purple Spot logo, but that would have been a bit self-serving.

All in all, I think the Buddy Holly statue was the right choice. The picture fits the shape of the pick and works well with the band's logo. It was also instantly recognizable.

When James Hetfield showed it to the camera at the show, the crowd went completely bonkers. It was a really cool moment. After the show, the band threw out hundreds and hundreds of picks; I hope you were lucky enough to get one.


    Jim Breuer Opens for Metallica in Lubbock, Texas

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