Here in Texas, we have a deep and serious devotion to our favorite Texas-born brands. From Dr. Pepper to Buc-ee's and beyond, "cult following" isn't even quite strong enough a term to describe how much we love and support the best Texas has to offer.

One of our very favorite Texas brands is the oh-so-iconic James Avery Jewelry, which features beautiful and unique silver and gold designs in necklaces, rings, and particularly in their charms. The charms give us the opportunity to display what means the most to us and what we love best. I particularly love all the actual Texas designs, as Texas itself has such a pleasing shape. Isn't this so pretty with the prickly pears?

James Avery also gives us the opportunity to celebrate other Texas brands we love so much. And one of their newest charms is one of our most favorite. 

James Avery has had previous collaborations with the best-of-the-best like Whataburger (including a spicy ketchup charm) and Dr. Pepper (what runs through my body instead of blood). Now they've added a gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Like all of James Avery's jewelry, the attention to detail on this charm is absolutely exquisite. I particularly love how they managed to get the little girl with the cow on the lid. It's up to your imagination what flavor it is, but in my mind, it's a gallon of Dr. Pepper Float. Yes, I want it to be a collab of a collab.

Check out all of James Avery's new collection on their website, Christmas is around the corner after all.

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