I say we bury these folks under a pile of these donations.

I hate to admit this, but I still have the husk of a pumpkin from last year in my front garden. It's become a desiccated, leathery symbol of my laziness. If you said, "same" then we both might have a little relief on the horizon.

Instead of leaving your old pumpkins lying around or filling up the dumpster with them, why not donate them? Yes, I said, "donate them" because there is actually someone out there who wants them and will put them not to just good, but to excellent use.

The Volunteer Garden of Lubbock is requesting that you bring your old pumpkins by, no matter what condition, to use as compost. According to their flyer, "pumpkins are 90% water and full of nutrients".  Again, they don't care what condition they are in, so if you have one of those lopsided, decomposed, messes or the neighborhood kids busted it to pieces, it will still make great compost.

The Volunteer Garden is at 3702 34th Street and apparently, they grow everything from tomatoes to luffa sponges (yeah, I didn't know it could be either "luffa" or "loofah" until just now, nor did I know they were made from a gourd in the cucumber family).

They certainly look like they are capable of growing things in Lubbock that at least I'd have a hard time growing, so maybe a little volunteering or instruction is in order. They have in-person and online classes and do a little canning as well.

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