UPDATE: The woman in this story was contacted by "Open Door Ministries." The suspect in the story has been identified as a homeless MHMR patient (believe it or not, even though he's homeless, he has a Facebook page and she was able to identify him from his picture). Apparently, he had been asked to visit a friend in the area that helps at Open Door named "Kyle." Best guess is that he got confused and wandered into the wrong house. LPD Homeless Outreach and LPD dispatch have been contacted. We're glad this situation has been resolved and is not part of some larger problem.

[Original Story] There may be a game being played in Lubbock that could get somebody killed, and that's not an exaggeration.

I have a friend reporting that there is one or more people walking into people's houses for fun or on a dare. Sure, your immediate thought is that you'd pop a cap in them, but these things rarely turn out that way.

Here's where things get creepy. This friend had someone walk into his girlfriend's house and when the creep was scared out, he left creepy chalk markings on the sidewalk outside. About seven houses in the neighborhood had these markings, and one neighbor said the chalk was stolen from a garage a block over.

We have a description of this offender according to my friend's post:

The individual she saw in her house was a white male, late teens early 20's, approximately 6' 01", husky, brown shaggy hair, blue eyes. Possibly driving a 2014-2016 black Ford F-150 extended cab with tinted windows

So I'm counting on you guys to tell me. Have you heard of anything similar to this, or is this just one guy who needs a serious beatdown?  This is not a good prank. It could lead to someone innocent getting hurt when they enter a house.


    Heated Confrontation in Lubbock

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