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Have you noticed that we're all together?

Tragedy brings people together. We are all together in grief at this moment. We'll gradually work our way back into the sunshine, but we need to remember the calmness we're experiencing right now.

Not all my social media pages, friends, and others even know about the loss of my friend and co-worker, but there seems to be a stand-down and a laying down of swords right now.

Let me intersperse something here. Scientists or psychologists (I can't remember which) took a bunch off hardcore left-wingers, and a bunch of hardcore right-wingers and gave them a budget for funding everything from schools to charitable donations. You wanna guess what the outcome was?

The results were almost exactly the same across the board, with the two groups splitting up the cash the exact same ways. It's proof we all want the same things; we just don't agree on how to get there.

Keep our shared grief, experiences, and loves in your mind going forward, because we all want the same things. I know our little corner of the world doesn't represent the whole planet, but it could. We can be listeners and doers. Just make a decision to hold onto the calmness that follows the wake of a tragedy.

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