There's a big little show at Jake's this Sunday night.

It's a VERY busy weekend. The movie theaters should be poppin' not only with regular Hollywood fare but also the Metallica Live From Arlington Stream. There's also the Alice Cooper Show over at the Buddy Holly Hall. If Alice is little too old school for you, you might want to head over to Jake's.

This Sunday night at Jake's it's Ottto and Bastardane. You may not even know these bands yet, but they are poised to blow up. In one band is Tye Trujillo, son of Robert Trujillo, the bass player from Metallica (Tye also played that tour with KoRn). In the other band is Castor Hetfield, the son of James Hetfield of Metallica.  So what we have here is a metal family tradition in progress.

The guys from both of these bands really don't trumpet their family associations, it's usually just writers like me that do. I wouldn't be so dumb as to say that "music runs in their veins", but I would say that they both have been around the best of the best and have some pretty good mentors to look up to.

The bands have basically been following the Metallica caravan around, and occasionally even playing little pre or post-event type situations. Sometimes dads even pay their kids a visit (That type of thing will not be happening this Sunday, because the dads are playing the second night of their live from Arlington shows).

I've posted some videos of the guys below so you check the guys out in advance. This may be your opportunity to get in on the grand floor of some bands that really poised to blow up.

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