The ten-day forecast is here to dash your dreams of snowmen and doing donuts in the Walmart parking lot.

We are looking at a full-on 70 degrees on Christmas Day in the Hub. Things could change of course, but they will probably not change that much.

In fact, the only thing we have for a "cold spell" is this Saturday, Sunday, and maybe mornings when temperatures are supposed to dip below freezing. Even then, the highs on those days will be in the low to upper fifties.

None of this is too far from last year when Christmas day brought us a high of 63. In 2019 it was 16.  In 2018  we topped out at 56 and we have to go back to 2017 to find a more Christmas-y high of 48.

There's always a chance that those morning lows can bring you some snowflakes very early in the day, but your change of gathering the family around to build a snowman on Christmas is very, very low.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, which is where you have to go for "out there" predictions, you're looking at early January for the best chance at snow, but Accuweather is still saying fifties during the days.

I am not a weather forecaster but if the trends those folks have posted stay where they're at, it looks like 2021 may actually be a year without snow. I know that may seem to be a bit of a bummer to some of you, but look at it this way, if we have to have a year without a serious cold spell, it's best it happens on the first year we're part of ERCOT.

There's one more upside, as of right now, winds should not be as bad as they are today.

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