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It's going to be weird not seeing that hotel next to The Loop.

Hotel Ava's "deep clean" will apparently be deeper than first reported. KCBD is reporting that an employee on-site told them the property had been sold and will be razed.

All of this started Wednesday (Feb. 19th) when guests were told to check out of the hotel immediately so the place could undergo a deep cleaning. Even then, notices on the property said they'd be back open Friday. So let's just say all of this was a little weird and off-putting to begin with.

I'm hoping that a new hotel chain will move into that slot. I'm getting a little fatigued reporting all of the new businesses heading to the west side of town. My guess, though? It will probably be another car lot. Then again, that's enough room for a whole string of restaurants.

Anyways, I'd like to wish the former guests and owners of the Hotel Ava well and welcome the new owners to some prime real estate in the Hub.


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