We've got a heck of a lineup tonight at Nightmare On 19th Street. We've got a bit of an old fashioned sideshow and more zombies than a season of the Walking Dead!


Tonight, Drew Blood of The Pickled Punk Sideshow will be performing hourly feats of daring do that will delight and amaze. In addition it's Coronado night.  Coronado night is basically  a behind the scenes fundraiser for the Coronado Football Booster Club, but as part of the action, we have the Coronado All Zombie Drum Line and tons of extra zombies trolling one of our multiple graveyards.

In addition to this fun, we've added some special effect to the front of Blood Moon Manor that must be seen to be believed. We have once again stepped up our game to another level.

We hope you can make it out tonight, if you can't don't forget we are also open tomorrow night!

Here's all the other details and FAQ's on Nightmare.


Nightmare On 19th Street returns for it's 8th year!

We feature four haunted areas, our somewhat "traditional" haunted house "Blood Moon Manor", a visit through graveyards to the home of deranged hillbillies and ghosts of the old west in "Skulllick Texas", a trip through ancient cultures (and now marauding pirates) in "The Lost City", finishing up in a 3-D adventure called "Twisted Tales".



New this year are the pirate areas of the Lost City, a giant 21 foot Scream Screen, a spinning Vortex tunnel (it makes it near impossible to keep your balance) and many other individual scenes. In short, there is always tons of new stuff to see and experience at Nightmare. This is in addition to the stuff you missed the first time through because you had your eyes closed.

Here's some additional information:

*Food and Drink are available on site.

*Cool Vendors On Hand (You're going to love the t-shirts and other stuff)

*No alcohol is served.

*Parking is free, even during concerts.

*Sheriff's and licensed security are on hand

*Recommended for 12 and over, but as a parent, it's ultimately your decision

*Admission is $20 on Thursdays and Sundays, $25 on Fridays and Saturday (tax included). VIP (front of the line) tickets are available as well.

*YES, these are very scary haunted houses.

*Twisted Tales requires the use of Chromavision Glasses, and they are provided at no extra charge.

*We are in the back parking area of the Lone Star Events Center at 602 East 19th. If it looks vacant from the gate, it's not. Just drive back.

*Lines move VERY quickly once the attractions are open, but this is very much a "full evening" experience with four attractions and lots of areas linking those attractions.

*Our hours reflect box office times, meaning you'll still get the full experience even if you buy a ticket right before the box office closes. We are open Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30-11:30, and 7:30-10:30 on select Thursdays and Sundays (see schedule above).

Check out Nightmare On 19th Street on Facebook here. Online Here.

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