Man, it's hard to believe that Powerman 5000 has been rocking it for 25 years now.

With 11 records to their credit, the band continues to deliver that Powerman goodness year after year.

I asked Spider One about the overall chaos of the world, and he pointed out two wildly different possibilities:

I'm a big science fiction buff...and there's two types of futures. One that is just the apocalyptic, end of the world, we're all screwed. And then there's the other that's like the Utopian, beautiful society where we've figured out everything. I feel like we're right on that edge, right, where it could go either way. We're either gonna be doomed, or we're at the point where maybe we're so close to being doomed that we'll figure it out and get it together. But your guess is as good as mine as to where it's gonna end up.

Spider One and the boys will kickoff the second-leg of their New Wave Tour 2018 right here in Lubbock, Texas (their home away from home) on Tuesday, April 10 at Jake's Backroom.

Tickets can be found at Ralph's Records and

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