The Lubbock Laugh Off has been bumped up to accommodate some schedules.

The Lubbock Laugh Off at the World of Beer is like "the Big Game" for comedians. All month long they hit open mics, play other shows and get tuned up to go mano-y-mano at Lubbock's Premiere Comedy Event.

Six comedians compete and last months winner headlines this Friday night.  Competing for the Official-Comedy-Laugh-Off-Travelling Trophy & Crown will be: John Lewis-Sims, Steven Feldman, Chris Hobart, Swayde Roberts, Gary Dorsey (and Mr. Skip) and Caleb Davis.  We will also have a headlining set from multi-time winner Kendall Smith-Rodriquez.

These comedians go big with three minutes of stand up, four improv questions and the legendary, and usually brutal, Lubbock Laugh Off Roast. I really love the dynamic of the Laugh-Off because ANY comedian can win on ANY night. It's always interesting to see how things shake out.

There is no cover for this event. Arrive early, we've had 18 standing room only events in a row!

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