Starbucks is issuing a new "Love" tumbler in honor of the 50th year of Pride. The design is also iridescent so the cups change color a bit as you turn them.

Now before you get your self all frothy with anger, you do not have to buy one of these. In fact, the dang thing will run you $16.95.

I have high praise for a company that promotes inclusiveness, even if they're profiting from it (I haven't seen any charity component to this campaign). So of these cups that have made it out before the June launch are already being resold for $50, so they're obviously a hot item.

If you somehow object to these cups, the next time you visit Starbucks tell them your name is "Heterosexuals rule, everyone else drools" so they have to yell it out when your order is ready.  Or, just go to another coffee place. One more everybody. Everybody just wants to be loved.



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