You would think this coach would be congratulating his team on making the tournament, not slamming them.

Coach Kyle Keller blamed his team's loss in the NCAA tournament on the fact that they were "millennials" who don't even watch basketball and just play on their phones.

The coach was obviously upset with the loss and even played down Texas Tech's Coach Beard calling his team one of the best in the country as "just being nice." He also had something to corny to say about eating green beans as a kid. Once you read between the lines, it's clear the coach was just saying that the kids don't study the game (or opposing team).

So at the end of the day, I think the coach was a little heated and some of his analogies weren't fully realized, but good luck recruiting for next season coach -- you're going to need it.

Texas Tech is back on the boards Friday night against Purdue. Stephen F. Austin will be at home, presumably eating green beans.


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