Stephen Miller, a pastor at the Temple Baptist Church in Lubbock (and apparently a radio evangelist as well), took time off from his busy day this past Saturday to visit a Gay Pride event at Maxey Park. I guess poking his nose into other people's business and passing judgment is his thing.

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I have NO idea why you would go out of your way to get offended. I personally didn't even know this jerk existed. But I was sent a screenshot of his ignorant ramblings by a listener. Apparently, he started a mini-firestorm on the KCBD Facebook page, with many people there calling him out for being a bigot.

First off, you really couldn't see anything from the street. So, even if a huge gay orgy had broken out, no one would have been the wiser. But there was one big problem for this pastor and all the other haters: the event wasn't like what they were suggesting AT ALL.

The Lubbock Pride event was a gathering of people -- families, gay, straight and whatever (I seem to remember more kids and dogs than anything else). There was a stage set up with music. There was lots of rainbow-colored stuff, and booths like any other community event.

Among those booths were at least TWO churches. I have to confess, since it was the first Pride event I've ever been to, I was almost disappointed by how normal everything was. Seriously. There was nothing controversial, and no one was doing anything that would have been out of place anywhere or for anyone -- well, except this ass clown of a preacher.

Apparently, he's also the one that went booth to booth looking for trouble. He apparently hassled the Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse people for giving out "Blair Witch" posters.

Nessmania "How Dare They Make This Dog Support Gay People!"
"How Dare They Make This Dog Support Gay People!" (Photo: Wes)

First and foremost, kudos to the Lubbock people at large. Facebook pages tend to bring out the worst of people, and rather than join this pastor in his hatefulness, most called him out, some even using scripture to point out just how wrong he is.

Gay people have as much a right as anyone else to use public parks. Thank you to the community and the churches who were involved in putting on this event. It was fun, family friendly and a great day in the park for a lot of people.

Lastly, to Pastor Stephen Miller: You can preach all the hate you want from your pulpit, but keep it out of our community.

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