In the latest heartbreaking news, Stone Temple Pilots have canceled their Lubbock show.

There's no dancing around this one: it was ticket sales. In Lubbock, we have too many people who wait until the day of the show to purchase tickets and, in this instance, it backfired spectacularly.

I can say one thing if you purchased tickets for this show (and a lot of people did, just not enough) -- take them back and trade them for tickets to another show. This year had the best lineup of shows, and we just lost a second one.

I would ask Lubbock rock fans to look at the dearth of rock shows in Amarillo, Midland-Odessa and other places near here. That's what we'll be facing if people don't pick up their tickets in advance.

Hey, I've got to cut you some slack, the South Plains Fair starts this week, and it drains a lot of peoples' wallets. Maybe you think this lineup "isn't STP." Maybe you weren't a fan to begin with. I don't blame you, I just thought you deserved an honest explanation of what went wrong.

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