Hey protesters, did you talk to granddad yet?

I'm not going to set up a false dichotomy here, you can protest AND take care of things at home.  The problem is, a lot of people are fine telling strangers how to behave but allow their own relatives to get away with worse behavior. Relatives tend to think that they can divulge their real thoughts to you in confidence since your blood. This has to stop.

I'd venture to say that everyone reading this has a relative that has spouted some racist garbage around them. It's usually an older relative so it gets played off like, "oh that's just Grandpa he's from a different generation and they did things differently back then".  Guess what Bucko? Grandpa and his friends are the problem.  Racism is taught and built up through a lifetime. Babies don't shy away from playing with other babies, it's when these ignorant racists pass down their hateful thoughts that kids, teens, and then adults adopt this horrible behavior.

By all means, protest for a better world but quit letting this casual racism exist in your family. I found a great guide to talking to your kin about his kind of thing. The discussion can start in a very simple way by telling that person you're not comfortable being around them when they behave like that. Yeah, you may lose some familial relationships from setting up these boundaries but I fail to see any benefit in being around a racist relative

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