The fairies are back at it again.

These little markets are becoming quite popular. The "Strawberry Moon Fairytale Pop-Up In The Park will take place this Sunday. Costumed craftspeople, musicians, tarot-readers, and more will gather for another market this Sunday (for the record, the actual "Strawberry Moon" is on the 14th, but this is close enough).

These events have proven to be very popular and well-attended. This event will actually take place in the grassy back area of the Unitarian Church at 42nd and Canton from
3 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no charge to drop by and check it out.

These events will be popping up all over at different locations. Unfortunately, the City Of Lubbock has priced them out of using our public parks (doesn't seem right, does it?). Kudos to the folks at the Unitarian Church for being non-judgemental and hosting these folks this month. To visit the official invite click here. Here's the fantasy description of the event:

We welcome you to a magical event in the park under the Strawberry Full Moon!
Under a forested grove a fairytale party awaits you! You hear the sound of music on the wind and follow it on cautious footsteps. Off in the distance, you catch brief glimpses of laughter and song, people dancing in flowing fabrics and the twinkle of lights in the trees. As you near the wooded area, you realize you've stumbled upon one of Queen Mab's legendary fairy parties! What luck!
There are vendors hawking magical wares, tents draped in fabric and firefly light, musicians playing a joyful tune and dancers laughing and moving in unison. Here you can try the local delicacies of the Fae-- sip a teacup full of Under the Midnight Sun Tea, have a taste of local pastries and recline on a picnic blanket as you take in the sights. All are welcome!

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