Do you think I could maybe get a whole series of posts about this?

Sometimes I want to reach through the internet and choke people. Other times, I just close the lid on my computer and say, "that's enough of you for today."

I've chosen a special topic for edition number one (if this does become a thing). Let me break down the scenario for you. Eighties hair metal rocker Dee Snider offered to play a gig for a politician after being inspired by his speech and by that politician using "We're Not Gonna Take It" as his play-off music. Now keep in mind that Snider has been on every side of the political fence and sometimes jumps from side to side. He's what all of us should be, and that's a free-thinking individual who doesn't choose a side, but is rather an issue-by-issue guy. If you remember, Snider actually went to war against the Parents Music Resource Council (PMRC) led by Democrat Tipper Gore when it came to music censorship.

Back to the story at hand. One side of the political fence lost their mind that Dee would support a particular candidate. This led to one comment over and over, which is the topic of this post. It was the common refrain:

"I lost all respect for him"

That, my friends, is why we're here today. What is your respect worth? It's worth nothing, zilch, zero, especially compared to someone who has actually done something with their life.

We have Joe Schmos from Nowhere, Indiana, with nothing jobs, that do nothing for their community, thinking that their respect is something people crave. Trust me, if you're passing time trolling stories like this on Facebook, then your respect has no value and isn't needed.

As for Dee Snider, he hosts a weekly radio show on 168 radio stations (including ours, Sundays from 7 -10 a.m.), has lived the rock star life, addressed Congress, and will be remembered long after his death. He's doing okay.

Words have power people, and sometimes that power is showing just how dumb the people writing them are.

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