I have enjoyed many Lubbock artists during my days, and none are finer, or finer human beings that Ronnie Eaton.


Now, I realize that I'm talking to some rockers and heavy metal types here. I have to tell you, Ronnie kind of is too (buy him a couple of drinks and he'll kill on some Alice In Chains), but being a musician is about singing from the heart and his heart lies mostly in the genre known as "Americana".  Americana, is for lack of a better term, kind of singer-songwriter folk music. It's a little rock, a little country and all from the heart.

I've seen Ronnie probably a half dozen times in the last year and a half. Even with my busy schedule, I make time to re-energize with a show every now and then.  I would totally suggest that you catch Ronnie when you're in the mood for good music and a drink.

Ronnie has put together a campaign to produce his new album. The extra cool thing about this is, an actual vinyl album is part of the plan. You can help his IndieGoGo campaign for as little as $10 which gets you a download of the new project, up to $500 which gets you a show with Ronnie and his keyboard player Aaron. Myself, I'm in for $45 for the vinyl l.p. shirt, download and a shout-out from the man. There are other levels you can get in too.

Make no mistake, Ronnie is spreading the good word about the Hub around Texas too with regular gigs at the House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe. I think this guy is going places and you can help him get there. Click here, to help Ronnie with the new album and/or to find out more.


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