This topic is getting really old and I'm afraid at this point all we're going to be able to say is "I told you so" when Texas loses big business and sporting events over Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's pet bathroom bill.

Mike Heffner/Getty Images
Mike Heffner/Getty Images

14 tech companies sent Governor Greg Abbott a warning that it would be hard for them to do business in Texas if the proposed bathroom bill goes forward. Just little ol' businesses like Microsoft, Google, Dell, Apple and others.

Once again, this is a bill that solves no problems and only creates them. It's our Lt. Governor pandering to his base and refusing to admit that this thing is bad for Texas. Keep in mind that the NFL and NBA have also told Texas that we will lose events if this goes through.

A similar bill in North Carolina cost that state billions, and many politicians were voted out before repeal efforts were instituted.  So what's it gonna be Texas? Do we wait and say, "I told you so"?

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