Being homeless is a very scary thought and is probably a very scary reality.  There are some of you who are "only a paycheck" away from being homeless, and have probably been close to it before.   So why aren't you homeless?  You probably stayed with a friend or family member, or you got help from a church or service organization (such as the Salvation Army).  You probably hated getting that help, or staying at the place you stayed, but you got on your feet, got you business right and got yourself right.  Then there are those of you who have never even been close to being homeless because you applied yourself all of your life and/or have a great foundation of support from friends and families.

Now with all the above in mind, it's not an accident that some people end up homeless, it is a choice.   Pretty shocking huh?  Except in case of mental illness (which is sadly the problem for many homeless), there are many people who are just not willing to do the work to keep them from being homeless.  I've met homeless that weren't willing to work for the wages they were offered, one who was off the grid because he didn't want to pay child support and one who refused help from the Salvation Army because they didn't allow smoking in the shelter (seriously-homeless, but can afford smokes).  When talking to the homeless you'll find people who aren't willing to make the sacrifices that everyone else makes to avoid being homeless.  You'll find people with warrants, excuses, and phantom aches and pains.  In my experience you'll never meet a "truly good guy or girl" who is homeless because they will seek out or be found by someone willing to help them out.  So that leaves me with the strongest statement I can possibly make-most, not all, homeless people are assh@les.  Sorry, but it's true.  If they weren't assh@les somebody would have taken them in.

Now that I've establish the basis for homelessness, here's the problem with a homeless Tent City.  First off, the residents will not see it as a place to "get a leg up" and reintegrate into society-they will look at it as an alternative lifestyle and make no intent to move up and on.

Next, if you believe my argument that most homeless are unpleasant people, the worst thing you can do is put a group of them together.  There will be a beating or stabbing at the encampment very soon.

In addition, the various metal companies in that area of town will start to find their stock dwindling and disappearing, because it's easier to "find" metal and turn it into cash, than to do a full shift at a fast food restaurant or car wash.

In my experience, being homeless is a choice brought on by an unwillingness to sacrifice (with the aforementioned exception of those suffering from mental illness).

I am really about love, care and compassion.  I'm always one of the first to pony up a small donation to whatever cause I can help, but I've never met a homeless person who wasn't an assh@le.

I actually found this quote on YouTube while looking for a good video to accompany this article..check it out:

I was homeless for 3 wonderful years, now I have kids and a wife so I have to have a opressing roof but when I was homeless I was free. I still worked all the time but it was a matter of freedom to live as I wanted, to sleep where I chose, to move as I wished. On bitter cold nights I would couch surf at freinds, when it rained I would shower under the sky (truck stops when it was dry) it is hard for many to understand that being homeless is not always a bad thing.-from

Wow, sounds a lot like what I said.  Now enjoy "Home" (which really has nothing to do with any of this) by Three Days Grace.