It's plain to see that Wes Nessman is a pretty big deal here in Lubbock. Not only does he have thousands of radio fans, but he also has lots of very close and supportive friends that were pretty pissed to hear that he was banned on Facebook for a short period of time for "hate speech."

Wes wrote a funny joke, and someone got all booty hurt and reported it. It happens. It's the price you pay when you're hilarious and edgy.

A small article he published yesterday about getting thrown off of Facebook reached 10 times as many people as we expected, and I'm not making that number up. When I say 10 times, I mean 10 times. All-day long, our various pages were lit up with comments and questions about Wes.

Here are some of the best responses from the internet on Wes Nessman's 24-hour Facebook ban.


"You should start a fake account call Nes Wessman and only friend cool people like me that enjoy your posts..." - Matt M.

"Stay strong and loud Wes!" - Tracy B.

"We will miss you. We can have a party when you get out! Always looking for a reason to party!" - Wesley B.

"The same thing just happened to me. I got a warning." - Sidney

"Naughty naughty" - David G.

"Play some Iron Maiden." - Art V. (bahahahahahahaha)

"I caught Zuck's salty tears this morning too, lol." - John G.

"Damn they got Wes too? A lot of folks got hit with the ban hammer." - Chris O.

"Welcome to the FB jail members club!" -Zephyr J.

"That's it. I'm starting my own social media with blackjack and hookers." -A.J. B.

"Stop with the ball gags and behave!! Lol!!" -Saundra S.

"They don't know I'm alive. I might have to try harder." -Scott M.

"First time Wes and Trump had something in common." - Ronnie E.

You would think he was some kind of superhero or something after how fussy everyone was over his sudden disappearance. Lubbock loves that big weirdo, and well, I guess he's alright by me, too.

Welcome back to the internet, nerd!

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