Well, guess what little bad boy was sent to time out?

I caught Mark Zuckerberg's hands this morning. I went to put a like near someone's comment and I immediately found out that I had been hit with the ban hammer.

As the capital was under siege yesterday I saw a lot of stress out there. People had not yet recognized it for the clown show that it was (after all, all anyone did when they got inside was use the bathrooms and mill around a bit, at least as far as I know).

Anywho, I thought I'd lighten the mood a little bit and I posted a naughty. I actually posted:

"White people can't be trusted in large groups"

Now, as some of you know, I WAS born in Compton, but I'm pretty dang white. I thought it was a nice little pointed joke on how we tend to misbehave at football games, Black Friday sales and Kid Rock concerts. I guess my joke did not have enough context, so I got tagged for "hate speech" (thank you to whichever cowardly a-hole that reported me) and kicked off Facebook. No big, I'll enjoy the vacation.

What makes this ironic is what I did after I posted that joke. I actually wrote up a nice calming post that I thought would chill people out a bit that went like this:

The problem again is that no one has asked themselves, "what's next?" Nothing is going to change and the only thing that's "next" for these people is that they will be identified and picked up by the police in the next month. They will not be heroes, they will not be celebrated, they will not be patriots, they will be felons.

To my friends. Take a deep breath and let things play out. This does not affect or concern you. This is the worst of the worst on their worst behavior and that harms them and not you. The U.S. will be okay. Stay calm and get ready for things to get better.

And let me even say that the pointed remarks in this post were directed just at the people there and one in the world at large.

After posting this, I noticed a lot of people still freaking out and doom-scrolling, so I logged on and did a 30-minute live webcast on how to stay calm when things like this happen. I don't want to give myself too much credit, but the feed itself helped a lot of people to quit the highly stressful coverage. Plus, I added in some great quotes from Roman philosophers.

So, I actually was actually a good boy yesterday, and instead of getting a gold star, I picked up a ban. Sorry/Not sorry.

P.S. If you're looking at the embedded picture closely, that first ban was from telling a guy I had a picture of what "his mom likes to wear around me," posting a picture of a woman with a ball gag, then posting a pic of Emma Roberts in The Hunt with a ball gag (I never made the connection). Facebook frowns on ball gags, just so you know.

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