Are you ready to lose a bunch of concerts, entertainment events and tourism? That's exactly what will happen if Lt. Governor Dan Patrick gets his way.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law
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Patrick and his cronies have announced their intent to introduce a "bathroom bill" to the legislature. Not only does it set precedents for the state, but it forbids individual towns from having their own policies. So basically, one of the guys who screams about the Federal Government "over-reaching" wants to shove this law firmly up the rear of every town in Texas.

Here's the rub, kids. This is pretty much the same law that has cost the state of North Carolina around $600 million dollars. It has resulted in the loss of concerts, huge sports events, Broadway shows and more. It doesn't end there. It has also cost the state untold millions from businesses that planned to relocate or expand there, then canceled during the law. The threat to Texas is real and proven; I'm not speculating here.

You've never been hurt by a transgender person in a public restroom. It hasn't happened. It's not a problem. This is Texas s--t-stirring at its finest. It's just an attempt to energize Patrick's base through undue fear and prejudice.

If you don't think acts will skip Texas, you need to think again. I've explained tour routing before, and in the days of smaller crowds and high gas costs, skipping Texas is easy. Most big bands will only play 40-50 dates. It's too easy for them to just play two shows in a more welcoming town. None of this matters to rich guys like Patrick, who can fly to see whatever show they want. It only affects people like you and me.

Author Rick Riordian, author of the "Percy Jackson" series and himself a Texan, has fired the first warning shot. He was invited to be honored by the Texas Legislature and turned it down due to the bathroom bill.  You might not think this will trickle down to you, but it will. Even if your favorite band, author or sports event is non-political, the agents and others in charge of putting them on just don't need the headaches; it's just easier to go somewhere else.

I know we're all fatigued and tired of fighting, but we can kill this bill now and be done with it, or we can deal with the repercussions for years. Grown-ass Texans don't need to be babysat by the likes of Patrick and his bunch. We don't need laws that create problems; we need laws that solve problems. Instead of dealing with special needs kids not getting served, Patrick is making a bathroom bill a priority. This is shameful.

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