The Texas basketball teams will come to Lubbock one more time. The baseball team will head to Austin in the Spring. The track and field teams will probably show up in the considerable future at different events, but the Texas Longhorns football team will never come back to Lubbock.

Their final trip will be a sell-out for Texas Tech at the Jones.

Alright, maybe it's unfair to say last trip EVER. There might be a home and home down the road, but I don't think a contract will be worked out between the two programs to continue playing in the manner that they currently play.

It's A&M and Texas all over again. Once A&M got to the SEC it wasn't beneficial to have the matchup anymore. They had LSU, Alabama, Arkansas and more SEC teams added to the schedule there was no need to get Texas involved.

The Longhorns spun it for years that it was because the Aggies were running scared from the big bad Longhorns. Recently, they've gotten back on the schedule for some sports like Baseball and Basketball but there were no illusions of Texas and A&M playing football until the Longhorns signed the SEC contract.

Now, the same play is being written, except Texas Tech is Texas and the Longhorns have become the Aggies.

I've held the opinion since the news broke that the Longhorns and Sooners would be in the Big 12 for one more full season, 22-23, but that they'd bail early to the SEC before the final year of the contract. I will double down now that the early exodus prediction is on track to happen and not only will this be the Longhorns and Red Raiders' final matchup in Lubbock, but it will also be their final matchup in the foreseeable future on the gridiron.

You might hold some allusions that the game will continue, but if Bedlam is dead, Texas Tech vs Texas is also dead. Blame realignment, blame the NCAA, blame the money, just don't blame the messenger.

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