The Texas State just passed a "bathroom bill" 21-10. This means dark clouds are just around the corner.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law
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The Texas House is next up for the bill and it would be unlikely that it doesn't get passed with implementation in September.  I guess some people need to look at a hot horseshoe longer than others, and that's becoming increasingly okay by me. Apparently, we have to hit bottom in order for folks to realize what they've done. In other words, you can't rub the puppy's nose in it, until it's peed on the floor.

North Carolina's economy took a hit losing major concerts, sporting events and business relocations, and expansions.  All of these things are proven in concrete facts, not speculation.

Now the Texas Bathroom Bill has a few exemptions in it, but it is likely to lead to some of the same consequences.  At this point, I'm tired of fighting, maybe everyone needs to see the consequences up close and personal. Maybe we need to lose some sports and some shows before people realize that this type of overreach is unwarranted and unnecessary.

So congrats Texas, you fudged up. You allowed hysterical politicians to manipulate you into turning a non-issue into a real problem.  The stars at night, are getting dimmer, deep in the heart of Texas.


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