C'mon Texas, you can do better!

Sexy Halloween costumes have become a bit of a joke. Think about it, "Sexy" Freddy Kruger? How is that even a thing? Are you a slasher or are you a stripper? No matter what you wanna be for Halloween there is a "sexy" version of it.

When I think of sexy costumes for Texas, I think "sexy cowgirl". I'm talking "Rootin', Tootin' Old West Sexy Cowgirl (stripper). I certainly don't want the "frat girl in a skirt with boots (stripper) because I can see them any day in Texas.

Enough of my preferences though. Halloweencostumes.com compiled a list of sexy costumes by state, as in which one was each state ordering the most of. I certainly
hope the results from Texas were skewed or something because the top costume was...



Um, what? Why "sexy Mrs. Clause"? Did we just skip over Halloween or something?  Also, isn't Mrs. Claus supposed to be frumpy or something? I think some of you folks out there are genuinely weird (no offense to the model, only to the concept).

I can easily think of a half-dozen better Texas costumes including:

*Sexy oilfield worker

*Sexy nurse

*Sexy big-haired Texas lady

*Sexy Dallas Cowboys (or your favorite college) cheerleader

*Sexy farmer's wife

*Sexy TV evangelist woman

Of course, all of these, plus the aforementioned "Rootin', Tootin' Old West Sexy Cowgirl" should look like a mashup with a stripper.

Now let me back up here and say that no one has to be "sexy" this or that for Halloween. Trust me, in a room full of women dressed in sexy costumes, it's the lady in the taco costume who's the one thats most fun to be around. I'm just saying, if "sexy" is your goal, jump back to Halloween and be a sexy witch or something.

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