There's no reason for Texas to get a piece of the estimated over six billion dollars bet on sports each year.

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Steve Frost.

The Supreme Court just decided in favor of states who want to have sports betting.

I understand that we like to operate under the illusion that we don't want this kind of degenerate behavior in Texas, but that's just a lie. Texans bet on sports, whether its a couple bucks against an officemate, by hooking up with a bookie or by finding a way to place a bet in Vegas. Texas bets and you can bet on that.

Texans are also sports nuts. We love all sports from girls basketball to soccer and beyond. Of course, we're big on basketball and nothing says "Texas" like football.

These two things are facts of life. It doesn't matter how much we try to lie to ourselves so the best thing we can do is join the party so regular Texans don't have to behave like criminals. The state can regulate it and pick up a few bucks too.

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