You probably know what the official state flower of Texas is: the very iconic and lovely bluebonnet. You might even remember from school that our state bird is the mocking bird and our state tree is the pecan. But do you know our state dish, gem, rock, or gun? Yes, of course, we have a state gun: the huge and powerful 1847 Colt Walker. Perfectly paired with the huge and powerful Bowie knife- our official state knife.

But what is the point of State symbols anyway? "Official symbols represent the cultural heritage & natural treasures of each state," according to State Symbols USA. I think that's a very lovely and succinct way to say that each state's uniqueness is worth recognizing. Especially my state- Texas, which has a history and identity that stands apart from anywhere else in the world.

Our state symbols range from the head-scratchingly esoteric (like the official state bison herd and official state waterlily) to the incredibly appropriate and obvious- like our state sport of rodeo. A couple of my favorite oddballs include our state rock (petrified palmwood), dog breed (Blue Lacy), and state mushroom- an exceedingly rare fungus that actually hisses called a "Devil's Cigar".  Our state amphibian is the appropriately named Texas Toad, our fish is the Guadalupe Bass and our state dish is Chili con Carne, NOT Chili con Frijoles, of course.

Let's take a look at some of our other state symbols, I think you'll find them pleasantly and wonderfully Texan.

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