Get ready sports fans, we're about to look at the state of Lone Star State sports!

Image by G.C. from Pixabay
Image by G.C. from Pixabay

The Survey

The Olympics are on the way.  The 2024 games take place in Paris this month from the 26th of July to August 11th. The Olympics will no doubt provide a major distraction and more than a few storylines that will be fun to follow. NBC and Telemundo will do the bulk of the over-the-air broadcasting, while Peacock will provide coverage of every event. This should mean crazy amounts of content for you to take in.

The Big Winner

When it comes to winning Olympic medals, I guess we found out why they call California "The Golden State". Athletes flock to the West Coast to train. This is no doubt the reason why California leads the gold medal race with 127! That number is not that far from being twice as much as any other state.


Texas has the 5th most gold medals won with 34.  That doesn't seem like that much, but it's a pretty respectable number. The fact is, there's a huge drop off after #1 California, so almost three dozen is a pretty good number.

The Rest

New York has 70 gold medals to it's credit, Ohio had 44, and Illinois had 40. While I'm not going to question the success of California and New York, those Ohio and Illinois numbers seem a little crazy.

The Survey

These historical numbers were hunted up and tabulated by The Sports Geek who dive a little deeper into the numbers, including the athletes responsible for the wins. Also, if something about the gold medals isn't adding up for you, it's because no team sports were included do to the athletes being from different states. Let's hope Texas adds to the medal totals later this month.

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