Everybody likes watching Tech throw the ball. It's what has become normal, comfortable and exciting. So what happened?

Texas Tech Football vs Iowa State- 2017
Ashley Wirz, 1340TheFan.com

I believe somewhere along the way Texas Tech tried to diversify its offense and the results have been pretty disastrous. Yep, the other guys figured out we pass, pass, pass, but that's okay, if we're good enough at it, it just won't matter.

This season we abandoned what we were good at, and now we have a muddled mess. Even worse, it's BORING. It's not what people tune in on game day for. With the type of talent Tech is usually able to attract, we have to take the big risks that a passing game requires.

The proof is out there, we haven't been able to kick or run. Texas Tech needs to get back at what they are good at, even if they aren't good at it anymore. It at least is exciting and gives us a chance of being in the game. If Coach Kliff will remember what brought him to the party, I think we'll all have a good time.

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