Update: According to LubbockOnline.com, the University of Texas' decision to charge the Goin' Band From Raiderland for seats at the Texas Tech-UT game is a part of a new agreement between the four Big 12 Texas schools to do so.

Original Story: A report from Collegespun.com says that for the first time ever, Texas Tech band members will be charged for the seats they use at the Texas game.

Photo: Justin Massoud

According to the report, the move to charge for the band seats was made by Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson, who is apparently noted for running a hard, bottom-line approach.

So what will it cost? $100 per seat.

Apparently the Goin' Band From Raiderland has already come up with the funds to be at the November 26 game, but this is still BS. The schools have always just given each other comp seats. I would think that Texas Tech will now charge Texas the next time we host them.

This is a classless move by U.T., but why shouldn't Tech try to recoup costs the next time around?

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