I completely understand why Texas Tech wants to keep a close eye on this situation.

Texas Tech can't just have anyone rollin' up on campus. There are so many concerns with food service and the interactions with all of their students. For this reason, the university is now only allowing certified and approved food trucks on site.

This certainly isn't the end of the world for food truck operators.  Most food trucks have already dealt with several regulatory agencies to make sure they're okay. In this case, the trucks will need to be passed by Environmental Health, the Fire Marshall, and the Tech Grounds Use Committee. From there, it's onto Tech Procurement Services for an annual contract.

Tech has put together this handy page for food trucks to access to get the process started and for on-campus groups to invite certified groups to their event.

Though this kind of information seems a bit dry and unexciting, once  a food truck is approved it should make everything a bit easier in terms of serving the Texas Tech community. After all, once you're on the approved list, you would be more likely to be called and/or given the go-ahead for a visit.

I'm actually excited for the students to be given better access to a taste of Lubbock. Hopefully, they'll sample some of the great food trucks Lubbock has to offer, and maybe even be given some late-night options that they generally don't have if they're stuck on campus. After just a bit of red tape, this sounds like a win-win for everyone.


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