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The long-running feud between the Red Raiders and the Longhorns erupted in Lubbock on Saturday.

Nothing is normal in 2020 -- except for the back-and-forth shootout that saw the teams battling for supremacy. Texas maintained balanced play on both sides of the ball in the first half, barring two plays that went Texas Tech's way. For the Red Raiders, however, these two plays, which could have potentially swung the game in a wildly different direction, didn't pan out; they shot themselves in the foot during the resulting drives.

After a brilliantly-executed onside kick that gave the Red Raiders the ball back in the first quarter, QB Alan Bowman threw an ill-placed pass that was easily picked by a Longhorns DB. Then, in the second quarter, Bowman would repeat that error, this time after a blocked punt that instantly gave Texas Tech the ball in the Longhorns' red zone.

The two botched drives provided kept Texas with a cushion of 7-10 points throughout the first half.

In the second half, things shifted. Texas Tech slowly but surely chipped away at Texas' lead, eventually taking a 4-point lead in the closing seconds of the third quarter, taking the lead, 42-38. The Red Raiders added 21 points to their score in the third quarter alone, while Texas only managed to score on a blocked punt of their own.

The Red Raiders dominated the time of possession in the second half. Keith Patterson made some great adjustments to put pressure on Sam Ehlinger, who struggled. The Red Raiders would give up a field goal to the Longhorns, but hold on to the lead, 42-41.

Bowman and Vasher would respond with their second touchdown connection of the game. This time, an 18-yard fade route, culminating with a beautiful catch in the corner of the endzone. The Red Raiders defense would then flex their muscle with a 3-and-out and a sack to force the Longhorns to punt.

SaRodorick Thompson would hit a 75-yard touchdown run, breaking free from a pile and racing down the sideline without being touched again. Texas Tech would take a 16-point lead with 3:13 left in the game. But it was far from over.

Sam Ehlinger would slice and dice Texas Tech's prevent defense in just over 30 seconds, culminating in a 13-yard touchdown pass to Brennan Eagles. The Longhorns would then get a perfectly executed onside kick and score another Sam Ehlinger touchdown to make it 56-54. A Longhorn two-point conversion would send the game to overtime.

With all the momentum and a rested defense, the Texas Longhorns would score easily in overtime and stop Texas Tech in four downs after an Alan Bowman interception on the final.

After leading by 15 points with less than 3:30 to go, the Red Raiders would lose to the Longhorns, 63-56.

Check out some photos from the matchup below.

Texas Tech vs Texas (September 26th, 2020)

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