Guys, what are we doing here?

Mexico is set to legalize marijuana. Up north of us, weed is legal to mostly legal. Things will probably change to the west of us before too long. This just leaves an eastern escape route to keep away from the rampaging potheads that are taking over the country.

Does it not seem strange to you that you can go to jail here for something that's legal within a day's drive? Our political leaders are playing to the ignorance of their base and keeping the "demon weed" at bay to save us from...what, exactly?

Let's say the quiet part out loud: Texas will throw you in jail to keep the religious folks happy. The super-uptight, uber-religious and ill-informed crowd that makes up a huge part of our current governor's base is the reason why he's said that marijuana won't be legal while he's in office. So I ask you: why do you keep putting this guy in office?

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Right now, we have Texas dollars flowing to Colorado and Oklahoma, and soon to Mexico. We have cash going to black markets, and for what?

Let's not pretend that legalization is without consequences. Colorado has seen an increase in homelessness (but are people becoming homeless due to weed, or are the homeless attracted to it because it's legal?). But like anything in life, you weigh the good against the bad and try to make a smart decision. Just don't lay that hellfire and brimstone, full-on destruction of society stuff on me, because that hasn't happened.

Texans who want weed have zero problems getting it. Texas keeps jailing people for it. We are about to be surrounded by it. It's time for Texas to take a chill-pill and accept the reality that marijuana will be legalized sooner rather than later. We shouldn't be ruining lives in the interim.

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