The hard seltzer craze may have a bit of a bad rap on the internet, with images of 'Kyles' hitting their Juules and pounding back White Claws, but the fact is, they can be really dang tasty and refreshing.

Lubbock now has its first craft hard seltzer, very appropriately named "Hard Water," and it's currently available at The Brewery LBK (1204 Broadway #104). From the brewery:

On tap today, LBK Hard Water with a hint of mango. This seltzer is light tasting, has no sugar, & sits at 5%. The perfect change of pace if you're not in the craft beer mood.

The Brewery LBK specializes in small-batch, limited flavors, so if you want to try this, it might be better to go sooner than later.

Brewery LBK does have perennial favorites, like the Chilton Witbier, which is an absolute must-try any time you visit the downtown area.

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