I think Mr. Reagor is missing the point.

I'm going to say straight up that I liked Bart Reagor. Mr. Reagor was always nice to me until someone got in his ear. You see, I had been using "your friend in the radio business" for decades when I was told that the group would never do business with us again because I was making fun of Bart saying "your friend in the car business" or something to that effect.

Well, first off, Reagor did not do business with 94.5 FMX, but I gave him a call and told him that if he wanted that handle, I could find another one (I like little challenges like that). All this let me know that I was dealing with a person that had an easily bruised ego.

The ego is what continues to get Mr. Reagor in trouble. I've read his latest online screed in which he continues to proclaim he didn't know about malfeasance in his company (see the Facebook post below). What you can easily read into his message is that his ego is still completely out of control. He's more interested in listing his achievements, throwing people under the bus, and I guess claiming that this whole thing is a plot to get him.

The fact is, none of this speaks to the people who didn't know if their car was going to be repossessed or not. It doesn't speak to the people who lost their jobs. It doesn't speak to the unpaid bills. What you will see are "I"s and "me's." You'll also see attempts to "balance the scales" by listing achievements that are straw men in the argument.

I will give Reagor himself the benefit of the doubt, but in general, a person who does a thousand good deeds and steals from one person is still a thief. Once again, I'm talking in general and not about him in particular.

The point of this is that this type of thing isn't convincing anyone. When you're the boss, the buck stops with you. A little more compassion for the other people who lost income or were stressed over this would be nice.

This type of arrogant proclamation of innocence from Reagor does not show a sense of remorse to those hurt by the situation. Instead, it appears he's trying to wrangle up support amongst those that were fortunate enough to receive his help. The cheesy bible verses come off as a cheap attempt to pander to that crowd as well.

In short, Reagor needs to put his ego aside and say to everyone, including himself: My name was on the door, so I accept full responsibility for the things that happened under my watch, and I am sorry.  I think that is the only he may come close to redemption in the Lubbock community.

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