I guess I'm writing about some of my favorite moments from 94.5 FMX's past this week, and this one was hilarious.

The party games FMX played at the clubs (mostly New West) were hilarious. I've already spelled out the biggest one: The Tequila Bat Races and The Air Guitar competitions. These were so popular at the anniversary parties that we started having them as regular events. We had Tequila Bat Race championships and month-long Air Guitar competitions that were all well attended and fun like a son-of-a-gun.

This left us needed some new ideas to keep the FMX Birthday Bashes fun. This is where yours truly came in with THE GREATEST PARTY GAME EVER INVENTED. Are you ready for this? I invented...Bobbing for Hot Dogs in a Pool of Jell-O. Yes, it was a real thing.

The game was simple: the contestants had to lock their hands behind their backs and, using only their face, grab as many hot dogs as they could during a set time. It sounds fun and it sounds easy, right? Well, it went wrong instantly.

We had two problems with this contest.

First, the club owner couldn't get the Jell-O to set since it couldn't be refrigerated. After all, it was enough Jell-O to fill what I would call a very large kiddie pool. The Jell-O was just a slushy, semi-coagulated mess.

The second problem was, somewhere the club owner had come up with a Styrofoam pool. In fact, I'm not even sure it was a pool, but it was shaped like a pool and big enough for eight people to gather around it with room to spare.

Are you seeing the problem here yet? The problem was when we said go. The minute we said 'go,' everyone thrust themselves forward, and when they hit the Styrofoam pool it exploded, leaving them wriggling about the dance floor in a giant puddle of strawberry Jell-O.

Ever the troopers, these FMX listeners just wriggled around on the floor picking up hot dogs with their mouths and wondering what the hell to do with them.

And that was the only time we ever played Bobbing for Hot Dogs in a Pool of Jell-O.

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